Built on Reputation
Built on Reputation
Ontario’s Leaders in Utility Locating
Ontario’s Leaders in Utility Locating

Who We Are

OnSite Locates Inc. has been providing professional utility locate services and safety training throughout Ontario since 2004. We have built our reputation on a foundation of professionalism, quality results, communication and innovative techniques. OnSite Locates has become a leader in the Industry servicing surveyors, engineers, contractors and utility companies. We have locate technicians in offices from Ottawa to Thunder Bay to London.

We have a complete understanding of the industry, both today and how it is changing for the future. We are constantly searching for new technologies and opportunities that will improve the services we offer our clients.

We are pleased to announce that effective September 2016, OnSite Locates has joined the J.D. Barnes corporate group that provides integrated survey and mapping solutions throughout Canada.

Our Mission

We are committed to Zero Injuries and Zero Incidents. We believe that there are no other core values or beliefs more important than this Goal Zero principle that all accidents are preventable with proper preparation, training and operational excellence.

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to keep our clients, workers, and the general public as safe as possible through a systematic approach of training, communication, high quality customer service, and the utilization of state of the art equipment. Our main focus is to provide efficient and accurate utility locates that keep our clients projects moving forward as safe as possible.


What We Do

Private Locates

OnSite provides customers with comprehensive outdoor and interior locates for privately owned utilities. Our Locate Technicians use various active, passive and inductive locate methods to physically locate the horizontal location of private detectable buried utilities.

As a compliment to these traditional locate methods, we also use ground penetrating radar for all private interior locates.

Subsurface Utility Engineering and Subsurface Utility Mapping

Our SUE and SUM Services provide customers with accurate and reliable utility mapping for project managers, utility owners, designers, engineers and contractors.

OnSite utilizes a variety of techniques to prepare an accurate and reliable CAD designed utility map:

  • Land, Property and Utilities Record Research
  • Utility locating using EM Cable Locators, Sondes, GPR
  • Utility Locating using Hydro Vacuum Excavation
  • Sewer Investigations with Confined Space Entry
  • Sewer and Conduit video scoping with CCTV and robotics
  • Surveying
Concrete Scanning

Locating buried utilities, beneath concrete and inside buildings can be a difficult task due to many factors that work against locate equipment such as utility congestion, rebar, and tight and confined spaces. As a compliment to traditional utility locate methods, we use state of the art GPR concrete scanning equipment to scan and map features within concrete structures such as buried utilities, rebar or post-tensioned cables.

  • Structural Steel (Rebar)
  • Concrete Evaluation
  • Post Tensioned Cables
  • Underground Heating Lines
  • Voids
Geophysical Surveys

Geophysics provide a non-intrusive method for detecting subsurface features such as underground store tanks, relic infrastructure and can map broad conductive contaminants. Geophysics can also estimate certain parameters and aid in the assessment of soil fill quality (estimates can be made and volumes assessed based on either ICC or RPI property use standard as presented in 0.Reg 153/04).

Professional Services

OnSite Locates offers our customers a wide range of professional services through its parent company JD Barnes Limited that include:

Utility Locate Awareness Workshop

      In co-operation with:

ladybirdOur Commitment to education, safety, and training is the difference between us and our competition. The buried infrastructure industry is constantly evolving and changing regulations, legislation and best practices at a rapid pace. Keeping your project management team and field staff up-to-date, educated and trained in Utility Locate Awareness can be difficult and costly. The risk and cost associated with injury and infrastructure damage can be enormous for both organizations and individuals.

OSL has partnered with Own Your Safety Inc. to offer Utility Locate Awareness (ULA) training for free to our Client’s. Currently there is no other course on the market as comprehensive as ULA. Own Your Safety’s Utility Locate Awareness Workshop is a half day course designed to educate and train management, project and field staff on the risk, liabilities, legislation and procedures associated with breaking ground. This comprehensive course will ensure that your team has all the up-to-date information and training to reduce your risk when breaking ground.

What You Will Learn

 Understanding the Risks

  • Consequences of striking a buried utility
  • How to Reduce Risk
  • Utility Structures 101
  • Lessons Learned

Legislation and Guidelines

  • My Responsibilities
  • Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012
  • Ontario One Call
  • How to Read a Locate Report
  • Excavation Guidelines

Industry Standard Locate Procedures

  • Public Locates
  • Private Locates
  • Public vs Private Locates
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering and Mapping
  • Utility Locate Technologies

Best Practices

  • Communication
  • Understanding My Definitive Role
  • Documentation
  • Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA)
  • Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA)

Our Utility Locate Awareness Workshop is offered at no cost to our clients. Please call 1 (800) 805-6155 for more information

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How To Reach Us

  • 140 Renfrew Dr #100, Markham, ON L3R 6B3
  • Phone: +1 800-805-6155
  • Email: digsafe@onsitelocates.ca
  • Website: www.onsitelocates.ca