Social Media Policy

So, you like to talk about us, eh? Users are encouraged to post questions on forums, comment on articles, and participate in other social media campaigns hosted by OnSite Locates. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

Add Value To The Dialogue

There are no stupid questions, but, if you have something to say or a question to ask, be sure to express yourself clearly and give enough detail so other users will be able to understand and respond.
Avoid using incomplete sentences, one word answers, and using texting short hands (like LOL or OMG) and emoticons in lieu of proper writing. Unintelligible posts may be edited or removed.

Stay On Topic

Make sure comments are relevant to the discussion or forum where they are posted. OnSite may need to move your comments to a more suitable forum or start a new discussion thread if warranted.
Using our site as a platform for spamming, advertising, or posting links with the sole intention of misleading users or directing users away from our site is not acceptable. Such posts will be removed.
Repeatedly posting the same message or posting useless information to deliberately bump your post to the top of the list is not acceptable.

Be Respectful Of Other Users

OnSite reserves the right to moderate the discussion. We will not accept foul language, sexually explicit content, and any posts that are derogatory, abusive, malicious, libelous, obnoxious, or otherwise in bad taste or interferes with other users’ enjoyment of the site.
Content that OnSite finds objectionable will be removed at our sole discretion without notice. Your OnSite account may be disabled as a result. Do not post confidential or personal information about any other person or company. Do not post vexatious or personal comments about any specific individual, including OnSite staff, or make remarks in retaliation if your post is found to be unacceptable and removed.

It’s All User Driven

We encourage constructive discourse. Keep in mind that most posts are made by independent users who may not share the views and opinions of Onsite. OnSite does not necessarily agree with or endorse any particular viewpoint or advice posted by other users.
Your user name is attached to your post. Except in rare cases where OnSite needs to intervene and remove unacceptable material from our site, your posts will be public on the internet for years to come, so think before you click.